Artificial Intelligence .....

Intelex Systems Inc has its very own 10 Artificial Intelligence Systems (10 AIS) program dedicated to designing, developing and implementing intelligent systems that can see, listen and understand. By combining smart algorithms with automation software, we envision the next generation of systems that can find answers to business challenges with unrealized speed and precision that augment and extend human capabilities. We build new age machines to think, learn, create, and make decisions with their human counterparts to deliver real value to companies. Our Artificial Intelligence services include :

Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Statistical Modelling
  • Data Mining

Natural Language Understanding

  • Text Mining
  • Search and Retrieval
  • Digital Virtual Agents
  • Information Extraction
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Big Data ....

Intelex Systems Inc exploits the volume, velocity, variety and complexity of big data to help businesses gain the competitive edge. We leverage big data tools and technologies to derive actionable insights from massive volumes of disparate data that enterprises collect on a daily basis. Having been at the forefront of the Big Data revolution, Intelex provides a Hadoop powered modern Enterprise Data architecture to solve complex big data challenges for enterprises. Intelex helps businesses exploit the huge corporate asset that is big data, pushing them to thrive. We help build your data driven empire.

Our Big Data services include :

  • Data Lakes
  • Data Warehousing

Internet of Things ( IoT )....

The space between the physical and the technological world is diminishing at a rapid space driven by the exponential growth of the Internet of Things. Businesses in today’s hyper connected world tap into IoT services and solutions to transform their business models. Intelex Systems Inc’s services use data analytics and digital connectivity to boost operational efficiency and provide seamless actionable insights to global enterprises. We transform your ideas into action with our advanced analytics, connectivity management, device integration and platform engineering.

Our IoT services include :

  • End to end Data Monitoring
  • Platform Engineerings
  • Data Visualization
  • Connecting Devices
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Blockchain ....

Intelex Systems Inc uses blockchain and its “Internet of Value” concept to change the way we transact with each other. The fact that data stored on blockchain cannot be manipulated has made it the key to all legal and financial transactions. Intelex uses blockchain processes to eliminate waste, reduce the risk of fraud and create new revenue streams for enterprises.
Intelex uses blockchain to offer a new generation of applications built on trust, accountability
and transparency.

Our Blockchain services include:

  • Blockchain as a Service
  • Blockchain Technology Services
  • Blockchain Strategy

Cloud ....

Whether it is creation or migration, Intelex Systems Inc is with you at every step of your journey to the cloud. Our solutions help clients optimize, scale, manage and outsource IT resources to rationalize investments. We partner with the best platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud to provide cutting edge solutions right from migration and adoption to optimization and transformation. Our cloud computing services change how enterprises use information technology.

Our Cloud Services include :

  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Cloud Platform Services
  • Cloud Management Services
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Mobility ....

Enterprises find it difficult to keep pace with accelerated proliferation of devices on different platforms. They are constantly challenged to maximize the potential of mobility opportunities
for customer and partner engagement and workplace solutions. Intelex defines, architects, implements and maintains mobility solutions. Our mobility services are tailor-made to enhance customer experiences across all touch points. We understand the importance of customer experience making solutions compelling and engaging experiences for any customer - at any point of time and from anywhere.

Our Mobility services include

  • Strategy Services
  • Application Design and Migration Services
  • Infrastructure Management Services
  • Testing and Maintenance Services

CRM ....

We transform the way businesses interact with and manage their customers, products and partners using our unparalleled deep platform expertise in CRM.


Intelex transforms your organization by helping you unlock the true potential of Salesforce. Our Salesforce services and solutions give you an opportunity to nurture, engage and retain more leads than ever before.

MS CRM Dynamics 365

Intelex delivers the full spectrum of CRM through its Dynamics 365 solutions. We leverage our Dynamics 365 capabilities to digitally transform enterprises. Our tailor-made implementations start with what you need and add applications as your business grows


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Intelex Systems Inc was founded in 2009 in Los Angeles, California with the unique vision of taking IT to the next level.

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